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3 Hot Topics for Learning SEO with Website Optimization

When I say the words SEO, does that strike fear into your heart, or are you actually prepared for what that means for you and your business? 

I want to tell you about the three biggest topics of SEO that you can take advantage of right now to better understand, and better prepare for an evergreen source of traffic to come and find you for years to come.


The first topic is content.

Everybody says content is king, in my book, content is king, queen, the entire royal family. The quality of content that you publish online depicts everything from this point forward. Long are the days where you can publish short little blog posts, just talk about the sandwich that you ate for lunch, the way that you walked the dog, and expect to actually be found as a source authority or a titan in your industry. Now, it's imperative that you publish quality definitive content, over 1,200 words, and the quality of content that you publish online will be the linchpin to your success from...

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