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3 Things Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Ready

-A friend came up to me yesterday and said, "Jim, I just don't know if my website is ready "for all the mobile traffic that I'm starting to see.

"It looks okay on my phone, "but can you look at it on your phone?"

And it got me thinking. It's really important that we have this conversation about being mobile-ready.

Here are some reasons why I truly believe that we need to talk about this. Because realistically more people than ever access some research on their time now. Not typically on a desktop device, they're on their handheld device. Google even recently moved towards a mobile-first search index. That means that they're not even looking at the desktop version of your site anymore, they're only looking at how it shows up on your mobile phone.

And when we take a step back and we look at the global trend, all of the numbers are showing that mobile traffic is simply on the rise. It's more accessible, it's easier for the end-user, and it doesn't require the big purchase as it used...

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