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Can I show you my expert tips and strategies every week to make a bigger impact in your business?

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I'm so grateful you're here! 

After spending the last 20 years learning and growing massive digital experiences, I've mastered amazing strategies I want to share with you.

Specializing in Security, Scale, SEO & Growth, I'm your contract CTO who brings the joy to Nonprofits, BCorps & Social Impact organizations. 

Let's make an impact together!

-- Jim

Speaking of Impact

Current and recent organizations making a difference I'm proud to advise:

Top Ways I Add Value

Whether you're a Nonprofit fixing a broken site or a business stuck growing, I've got more than a few tricks up my sleeve.


Your data is only as strong as its weakest vulnerability. 


I'll help you prepare for what's next, regardless of size or channel.


Let's bring your SEO A-Game. No compromises. 


This is where it gets fun! Measure, Optimize, and profit.

Ready To Level Up Your Tech? 👨🏻

Latest Video Training

"3 Things Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Ready" 

"And when we take a step back and look at the global trend, all of the numbers are showing that mobile traffic is simply on the rise. It's more accessible, it's easier for the end-user, and it doesn't require the big purchase as it used to of massive desktop computers. ..."


Latest Resource: SEO Optimization Basics

Download this free guide to learn more about SEO and how it applies to your business!

Latest Media

"How to Get Ready to Accept Cryptocurrency Gifts" 

"Nonprofits that don’t accept cryptocurrency donations are like 'cash-only businesses where customers are coming in with credit cards,' says Jim Carter III, a programmer and self-described 'crypto-evangelist.' 'You’re not setting yourself up for success.' ..."


Looking for a tech speaker with social impact mojo?

Here’s the deal.

I love sharing my story because it’s real. I’m a father, entrepreneur, hustler and humble man who loves helping out others.

As a Cause Hacker, I share my favorite stories and strategies to see charities & organizations who are making a difference thrive. 

"Jim’s twinned passions – giving back. and building sustainable technology to give back – came through loud and clear in his presentation. In thirty minutes he inspired us to give back ourselves and to not give up in our search for the best solution to thorny problems in our organizations."

CTO & CoFounder - Spreedly

"Jim spoke to 30 members of the inaugural cohort at MissionU, a one-year college alternative in data analytics and business intelligence. He authentically shared his professional passions, his journey to Giving Assistant, and how the company uses data to enhance their core business. I was inspired by Jim’s deep sense of purpose, passion, and openness to supporting young professionals hoping to chart a similar path."

Curriculum & Learning Experience Designer - MissionU

"Jim was a fantastic addition to one of our panel discussions at Mobile Next. He shared several useful insights on making your company more data-centric and even mentioned some of the tools his company is using to get there. I would highly recommend Jim as a speaker, especially if you are looking for someone that can speak at both a high strategic level and get more in the weeds on niche topics."

Conference Director - Worldwide Business Research

Recent Speaking Engagements

Some of the most recent speaking opportunities I've been part of:

Let's Talk

Who doesn't love an inspiring story? We all come from somewhere and typically end up following similar routes to the same destinations. When you hire me to speak at your event, you get years of experience, a can’t-fail attitude,  plenty of well-groomed facial hair and most importantly: my all. 


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